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Reconditioning Works!

Physiotherapy Works! provides an excellent, unique and positive environment to encourage people to succeed in recovering to their maximum medical potential using individualized RECONDITIONING PROGRAMS. Daily programs are available; however modifications of a daily schedule will also be accommodated.

The program will be tailored to fit the physical ability of the patient as well as the physical demands of the occupation. A job demand description is requested to be provided by the employer or the case manager. An exercise program will be developed to suit the specific requirements of the patient.

The reconditioning programs will be supervised and developed by Stephanie Roberecki, B.M.R.P.T., Trista Gammack, B.M.R.P.T. or Karen Malenchuk, B.M.R.P.T. our licensed physiotherapists, according to the individual needs of the client.


gymPhysiotherapy Works! is uniquely situated within the Assiniboine Athletic Club, which is equipped with Cybex and Pulse equipment and an 18 meter pool. For cardiovascular exercise, the club is equipped with treadmills, step mills, stationary bicycles and elliptical trainers. Free weights, stability balls, medicine balls are also readily available for use.


An initial assessment is done on each patient to determine their current physical status as well as to develop individual goals that include return to work.
Base line lifting assessments will be included as will the Pain Catastrophizing Scale.

The reconditioning program will consist of all or a combination of the following components:

  • Stretching/flexibility, strengthening, core stability, muscle endurance, muscle strength, proprioception/balance. Modifications will also included to imitate specific job demands whenever possible.
  • Progression of the program will be monitored on a weekly basis within the abilities of the patient and according to the rehabilitation goals.
  • The client will be educated in Hurt vs Harm.
  • During the process a home program will also be developed. This will be in a written format for the patient to continue with upon the completion of the formal reconditioning program.


A report will be submitted upon completion of the Initial Assessment. A Progress Report will be completed midway through the program. A Discharge Report will be completed, including specific current physical abilities upon completion of the program.

Any missed appointments will be reported on the same day to the case manager, as will any compliance concerns. Communication is extremely important to us!


Referrals can be made by telephone, email, fax or mail. Initial assessments will be seen within 3-5 business days upon receipt of the request.


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