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Reduce Your Pain and Return to Your Active Lifestyle With the Help of Our Experienced Physiotherapists!

Which of these situations best describes you?

  • I am a runner or triathlete and have been sidelined with an injury
  • I have a workplace related injury that’s preventing me from going back to work
  • I participate in sports but an injury is preventing me from playing sports without pain
  • A recent auto accident resulted in injuries that are causing me difficulties
    in my day-to-day life
  • I just had surgery and my doctor prescribed physiotherapy as part of my rehabilitation
  • I suffer from frequent back pain, arthritis, neck pain or headaches

Your health will benefit from our experienced physiotherapists who can help you reduce your pain so you can return to enjoying your active lifestyle.  You will receive Physiotherapy treatment and rehabilitation for sports injuries, motor vehicle accidents and workplace related injuries.

If pain in your arms or legs, neck or back or headaches is your issue we have treatment programs to help reduce your pain.  We also provide pre and post surgical exercise programs in a professional, comfortable setting.

Whether you run for fun or you’re a competitive athlete we can treat your running or sports injuries.  Don’t let pain slow you down....Physiotherapy Works!

Our reputation has been built on successfully returning hundreds of patients back to enjoying a fun, healthy lifestyle. We work to expedite your recovery through closely monitored programs that are personalized for you.

Yes!  We accept private insurance claims

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