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Aquatic Exercise Therapy

An 18 meter pool is available on-site at Physiotherapy Works! for supervised individual or group aquatic exercise therapy programs. The unique on-site access allows for easily supervised therapy programs.

poolAquatic Exercise Therapy is a comprehensive therapeutic approach using aquatic exercises designed to aid in the rehabilitation of serious injuries or conditions. The components include warm up, flexibility, strength endurance and cool down.

One of the main advantages of aquatic exercise therapy is “weight relief.” Individuals exercising in the water feel lighter, move with more ease and feel less weight on their joints because of buoyancy.

Who would benefit from Aquatic Exercise therapy?

Individuals deriving the greatest benefit are post surgical, orthopedic, and chronic pain patients. Any person who requires increasing or maintaining joint ranges of motion and functional strength would benefit.

Contraindicate to pool therapy are: fever or flu, cardiac failure, urinary infections, open wounds, infectious disease, contagious skin rashes, lack of bowel or bladder control or fear of water.

NOTE: The pool is not wheelchair accessible. The client must walk up stairs to access the pool.

Who would develop and supervise the program?

Following an initial assessment, an Aquatic Exercise Therapeutic Program will be developed and supervised by Stephanie Roberecki, B.M.R.P.T., Trista Gammack, B.M.R.P.T. or Karen Malenchuk, B.M.R.P.T. according to the individual needs of the patient/client.

The Aquatic Exercise Therapy Program may also be combined with a Reconditioning Program if indicated for specific rehabilitation candidates.


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