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Physiotherapy Assessment. An assessment will include a thorough subjective history and objective physical examination of the patient to determine the cause of the problem. A detailed referral including test results is essential to providing quality care.

Physiotherapy Treatment. Treatment may include a variety of physiotherapy modalities (ultrasound, neuromuscular stimulation), acupuncture, manual therapy (massage, passive stretches, and joint mobilizations), education (home stretching, posture, strengthening exercises), ice, heat.

Sport Injury Treatment. Realizing the importance of returning to your sport, we will provide the rehabilitation program specific to the needs of each athlete at any level of ability.

Reconditioning Works! Individualized exercise programs are developed to help build strength, flexibility and endurance. The goalis to return the patient to a maximum level of function. The health club facility provides an excellent venue for all aspects of reconditioning programs.

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Aquatic Therapy. An 18 metre pool is available on site to aid in gravity eliminated exercise programs.

Acupuncture. This treatment modality works on the basis of releasing endorphins; the body’s natural pain relievers and can be highly effective in the treatment of painful conditions.

Healthy Living Advice. Physiotherapists are educated in the area of lifestyle management. This includes exercise programs, walking programs, and general education to assist people of all ages and abilities to enjoy an active lifestyle.

Running/Walking/Gait Analysis. Observation of the patient while running and or walking on the treadmill. This allows the physiotherapist to determine if the proper footwear is being used, as well as analyse areas of weakness or imbalance that may be contributing to injury.

Footwear Recommendations. Many foot, lower extremity and lower back problems may be caused by improper footwear. We will examine your feet as well as your footwear and provide recommendations.

Exercise Programs. Stretching, strengthening and core stability programs to assist in better general function or to help achieve a specific athletic goal.

Pre and Post Surgical Rehabilitation. Important for most knee surgeries, hip replacements and knee replacements.

Balance and Coordination Sessions. Most athletic activities require good balance and coordination. As well as people age they lose these skills and falling may become a serious problem. These systems can be trained at all levels.

Orthotics. Custom foot orthotics can be cast at the clinic and sent out for fabrication. These may be necessary for certain foot types and specific foot or lower extremity problems. Soft orthotics can be fabricated in the clinic for specific foot and lower extremity problems.


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